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  Drug Treatment Adherence in Adult Women with Primary Hypothyroidism  
  Authors: Alorda MB, Squillace C, Álvarez P, Kassis S, Mazzeo M, Salas G, Torresani ME  
  Introduction: Non-adherence to treatment may be a cause of therapeutic failure in hypothyroid patients.
Aims: To assess adherence to drug treatment in hypothyroid adult women by level of knowledge of the disease, signs and symptoms that characterize it and how to control it.
Material and methods: Cross-sectional design; non-random sample of women aged 40 and older, with primary hypothyroidism treated with levothyroxine, who attended the Instituto de Análisis de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (CABA) for laboratory testing between August and October 2012.
Variables studied: knowledge of the disease measured by Batalla´s Test and adherence to drug treatment measured by Morinsky Green's Test.
Data collection was performed by direct questioning.
Statistical analysis performed by SPSS 15.0 establishing measures of central tendency, Odds Ratio X2 and Fisher test according to sample size.
Results: We evaluated 171 women with an average age of 54.8 ± 7.2 years; 57.3 % reported a correct level of knowledge about the disease, 74.3 % adhered to drug treatment, 97.1 % of the sample reveals taking levothyroxine while fasting, 19.9 % admits sometimes forgetting to take it and only 5.8 % admitted to discontinuing the drug in case of discomfort. When associating knowledge of the disease with adherence to drug administration, we observed that although 42.7 % of women had no knowledge about the disease, 29.3 % of them also adhered to treatment, finding no significant association between the two variables (OR = 1.68; IC95 % = 0.84-3.36; p = 0.15).
Conclusions: Just over half of the sample has knowledge about the disease. Most adhere to drug treatment. No significant association between knowledge of the disease and adherence to treatment was found.

Rev Argent Endocrinol Metab 52:66-72, 2015
No financial conflicts of interest exist.
  Key words: adherence, treatment, knowledge, levothyroxine, adult women  
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